“The boat does not move forward when each person rows in a different direction” Tanzanian proverb

next page Vantage Insights & Strategies emerged from a passionate commitment to improving economic outcomes for all stakeholders in sub-Saharan Africa. Our talent share a common passion for transforming Africa, free enterprise and thought leadership. Our core capability is providing bespoke solutions through the synthesis of our unique experience, individual expertise, our vast resource  and the client’s resources.

http://hands-on.com.mx/320-ph65757-plaquenil-screening-ophthalmology.html I. A close funded Nigerian microfinance institution undertook expansion into Northern Nigeria and three West African Sahel nations. Despite a sizeable budget, It experienced difficulties  reaching prospective beneficiaries. It engaged VIS to review its communication strategy and tactics. VIS utilized triangulating research using local partners to conduct extensive telephone surveys, in-person interviews, focus groups and  analyses of available secondary data. After identifying deficiencies in the extant strategy, VIS  crafted an optimal marketing strategy suited to the local culture and media consumption. Result: an exponential growth in respondents and improved feedback mechanisms for the client.

go to my blog II. A U.K based fintech institution planned to expand into the Nigerian mobile banking space and required a partner with local knowledge and a viable entry strategy. Drawing from a network of resource persons and institutions, VIS obtained quality market intelligence to vet prospective partners, navigate officialdom, identify regulatory bottlenecks, latent risks and recommend mitigation tactics. Result: client adopted our suggested approach of using a local consortium, and engaged from our pool of recommended partners.

III. A British mixed used property developer with cognate experience in virtual offices sought to expand across anglophone Africa to meet increasing requests from its  multinational clientele. It contended with multiple iterations of a business plan with unfolding discoveries of variations in local regulation around property ownership, foreign exchange conversion, cultural challenges. VIS worked with the country to review and adapt strategy on a country by country basis to reflect the unique situation of each market, while leveraging on the commonalities for scale economies and consolidation. Result: Client profitable operates in five African countries, and expanding to a sixth country.

IV. A privately managed fixed income frontier market fund manager exploring expanding its portfolio into sub Saharan Africa, appraised investment possibilities in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. In addition to stock sovereign risk and systemic risk analysis, and mitigation options, the  institution required a translator fluent in the local vernacular of  industry analysis, dialect of business risks, and cadence of company specific risks.  VIS worked with the client to establish benchmark criteria for defining eligibility. We used publicly available data and locally sourced business intelligence to adapt orthodox frameworks, recognize and quantify stressors in the system, evaluate and weight complexifiers, to provide functional models, and actionable recommendations. Result: Client launched a linked fund.